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All payments are due at the beginning of each week.  Services will be provided 7:00 a.m to 6 p.m, Monday through Friday. Saturday services by request.  Closed on Sundays and holidays.  A differential fee for transportation services will apply after 5:30 p.m EST:     


One way trip - $ 22.00


Round trip - $ 30.00


One way weekly - $ 80.00 


Round trip weekly - $ 108.00   


One way after 6pm - $33.00

Round trip after 6pm - $40.00


Trip Cancellation Notice - If transportation is canceled,  the ride will be forfeited and no ride credits will be granted. Excessive cancellations will result in incidental fees or cancellation of the riding agreement.

COVID-19: In the result of a student needing to be quarantined, the parent(s) must notify Youth Mobile Transportation to suspend services until medical clearance has been provided.                                                   


*Special Notes:                                                                                          

- A minimum of four days per week is required in order for Youth Mobile to provide long-term transportation services. All payments must be made by 6PM on Sunday of the week. Payments made after 6PM Sunday will be charge a late fee of $10.00.


- A 24-hour notice is required for any changes to transportation services. There are no refunds or credit.


- An additional $10.00 fee will be charged per trip for out-of-county students.



Please contact the number below for inquiries or changes to transportation services.


Transportation Director:  Charline C Dominguez: (404) 401 9885



To make a payment, please click on either the Cash App or PayPal link for your service of choice. Zelle payments are also available by using the contact email below.

Zelle Payments -

One Way Trip: $22.00 

 Cash App | PayPal

Round Trip: $30.00

 Cash App | PayPal

One Way Weekly: $80.00

 Cash App | PayPal

Round Trip Weekly: $108.00

 Cash App | PayPal

One Way After 6pm: $33.00 

 Cash App | PayPal

Round Trip After 6pm: $40.00

 Cash App | PayPal

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